Welcome to our Data Analyst Nanodegree program, the perfect course of study for anyone who wants to master data science!

Prepare for a data science career. Learn to use Python, R, SQL, and Tableau to uncover insights, communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions.

Timeline: 6 months

Level: Intermediate


$36.2K TO $123K

Why Take The Data Science Program?

In this program, you’ll master the skills you need to establish a successful data science career. Our curriculum was developed with leading industry partners to ensure students master the most cutting-edge skills. Demand for qualified employees with advanced data skills has never been higher, and graduates will emerge fully job-ready.

Effective and Engaging Content

Get started learning data science through interactive content like quizzes, videos, and hands-on programs. Our learn-by-doing approach is the most effective way to learn data skills.

Beneficialdatasc2 and Supportive Project Review

Advance quickly and successfully through the curriculum with the support of expert reviewers whose detailed feedback will ensure you master all the right skills.

An Outstanding Community

supportDraw inspiration and knowledge from your student community, stay on track with the support of mentors and enjoy live help directly in the classroom when you need guidance on specific challenges or projects.

Practical Career Support

Receive personalized feedback from experts to help you perfect your resume, refine your LinkedIn profile, and prepare for a data analyst interview.

What You Will Learn:

1.Data Analysis with Python and SQL

You’ll learn to code in Python and how to use the data analysis process to solve problems. You’ll also learn to apply statistical techniques to practical problems, such as A/B tests and linear regression.

2.Advanced Data Analysis

Advance your programming skills and refine your ability to work with messy, complex datasets. You’ll learn to manipulate and prepare data for analysis, and create visualizations for data exploration. Finally, you’ll learn to use your data skills to tell a story with data.

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